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DynamoDB data types

Please note BS data type is not supported yet.

Binary data type B is supported only as of 0.1.62

DynamoDB .table($tableName) .insert({ // String string1: 'string', string2: DynamoDB.S('string'), // Number number1: 1, number2: DynamoDB.N(1), // Boolean bool1: true, // Null null: null, // Buffer (B) buff: new Buffer('test'), // Array (L) array1: [1,[],true,{}], array2: DynamoDB.L([1,[],true,{}]), // Array of unique numbers numberSet (NS) number_set: DynamoDB.NS([111,222,333]), // Array or unique strings stringSet (SS) string_set: DynamoDB.SS(['aaa','bbb','ccc']), // Object key-value Map (M) object: { prop1: 1, prop2: '2', prop3: true, prop4: null, prop5: {}, prop6: [], prop7: new Buffer('test') }, })

Operations on supported data types

DynamoDB .table($tableName) .where(..) .update({ // delete an iteam of any data type any_item: DynamoDB.del(), // increment a number (N), use minus (-) to decrement number1: DynamoDB.add(), number2: DynamoDB.add(5), number3: DynamoDB.add(DynamoDB.N(5)), // add elements to an Array (L) array1: DynamoDB.add([1,[],{},null,'string']), array2: DynamoDB.add(DynamoDB.L([1,[],{},null,'string'])), // removing elements from an Array is not supported by AWS // adding properties to an Object (M) is not supported // deleting properties from an Object (M) is not supported // adding elements to a stringSet (SS) string_set: DynamoDB.add(DynamoDB.SS(['aaa','bbb'])), // removing elements from a stringSet (SS) string_set: DynamoDB.del(DynamoDB.SS(['aaa','bbb'])), // adding elements to a numberSet (NS) number_set: DynamoDB.add(DynamoDB.NS([111,222])), // removing elements from a numberSet (NS) number_set: DynamoDB.del(DynamoDB.NS([111,222])), })